Anthony Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain by photographer Dan Dion
Anthony Bourdain in San Francisco photographed by Dan Dion

A demi-god to the foodie set, Anthony Bourdain is the Hunter S. Thompson of culinary writing. His book Kitchen Confidential is a seminal and groundbreaking work in the genre of smart-ass chef lit. He’s also the most hilarious guest judge on Top Chef. My favorite line: “It tastes like home cooking- just not a home I want to eat in.” And this from his book A Cook’s Tour: “In short they want you to feel that same level of discomfort approaching a plate of food that so many of us used to feel about sex…Do I overstate the case? Go to Wisconsin. Spend an hour in an airport or food court in the Midwest; watch the pale, doughy masses of pale faced, Pringle fattened, morbidly obese teenagers. Then tell me I’m worried about nothing. These are the end products of the Masterminds of Safety and Ethics, bulked up on cheese that contains no cheese, chips fried in oil that really isn’t oil, overcooked gray disks of what might have once upon a time been meat, a steady diet of ho-hos and muffins, butterless popcorn, sugarless soda, flavorless light beer. A docile, uncomprehending herd, led slowly to dumb, lingering, and joyless slaughter.”


I have to admit that this shoot was a bit of an ambush, which I don’t like to do. But I had no connection to him, so I went the direct route. After his signing at Book Passage I approached him and gave him a copy of ¡SATIRISTAS!, explaining what it was and that I wanted to photograph him because of his humor. Well- he humored me with a very quick shoot.

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