Goorin Behind the Bar

One of my favorite new clients is Goorin Brothers- a local hat company that is exploding all over North America. Established in 1895, it’s been family-run for four generations, but only recently has it opened its own retail stores. Check out this recent piece in the Chronicle about them.

We wanted to do a project with real people- not models- that had some kind of local/ neighborhood connection. The result below is a collection of bartenders in North Beach- my favorite neighborhood in San Francisco, and the site of Goorin’s flagship store in the city on Washington Square.

Ana at Sodini's

Gigi at Sotto Mare

Devon at Tony Nik's

Romina at Cinecitta

Janet at Vesuvio

Deirdre and Kat at O'Reilly's

Mike D. at Amante

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